The traditional plancha top looks like a raised surface, a bit like a floating surface, surrounded by grease "moats" or grooves on three or four sides. If you want a healthier cooking table, Planchas is the perfect choice . There is no open flame for fat dripping on it, and no grill for food to fall into. It is heated by gas or electric devices and made of metal plates made of cast steel. Plancha cooking will bring out the flavor ten times.


Very easy to use, the electric plancha has two cooking zones with power of 2 × 1,250 W, and it's enough to 5-6 people. The stainless steel plate may be used to cook a whole variety of foods from starters to desserts without adding any fat, preserving tastes and without mixing flavours. The electric plancha may be used indoors or outdoors, with its IPX4 certified design which protects the appliance from splashes of water and unforeseen events.


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